Watinee Leewongjaroen

San Mateo, California


Design is an activity that I enjoy doing everyday. Although, I am a full-time mom now, my brain keeps on designing. For me, design in everyday life can start from something small. It can go from reviewing a product I bought thinking about its pro and cons and how to make it a better product, or even just rearranging my living room to fit my needs, to designing a new product for a client to make a living.

I surrounded my life with arts and design. When I was young, I participated in many art competitions, mostly in drawings.  I have a background in Architecture (BA), and received a master degree in MFA in Industrial Design from Academy of Art University, San Francisco. People asked me why I changed my field of interest? The answer is I just want to learn something new and I think it is fun to learn. I believe that I can apply my design knowledge to anything since eventually the goal of the design is making new and improving stuff that people feel comfortably happy using it or staying in it.